Weight Change Approved

Here’s the full text of the amended Rule 9.6:

The following amendments to the Class Rules have been approved by the Class
Rules Sub-Committee to be effective 1 December 2014.
Rule 9.6
Amendment: Delete “79.4kg” and replace with “76.4kg” in the first sentence and
delete “7.5kg” and replace with “4.5kg” in paragraph 5 such that the rule now
reads as follows:
“The hull shall weigh not less than 76.4 kg. The initial weighing, or any subsequent re-weighing, of the hull shall be done (after painting and/or varnishing if necessary) with the boat complete with hatch covers and toe straps and all fittings permanently fastened, bolted or screwed to the hull, but not including the centreboard, wire or rope strops, sheets or control lines.
The initial weighing shall be done before the boat is launched for the first time.
Any re-weighing for the purpose of changing correctors shall be done after the
boat has been kept out of water, in a dry condition, with the hatch covers
removed, and cover off, for at least 12 days.
If a boat is found to be underweight at the time of measurement, correcting
weights shall be fitted to bring the boat up to minimum permitted weight. The
combined weight of the correctors shall not exceed 4.5 kg. The correctors shall
be bolted to the underside of the thwart in a visible position.
The total weight of the correctors shall be shown on the measurement certificate.
No correctors shall be removed or altered without the boat being re-weighed by
an official measurer.”