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2015 US Nationals

The US Nationals were hosted by the Pymatuning Sailing Club over the July 11/12 weekend.  The weather forecast was for high temperatures and light winds from the north.  The heat part was right but the winds were very light and variable.  Nonetheless the RC managed to get three races completed on Saturday.

Xavier Broise and Trystan Robin had created a huge hole for themselves by sailing through the start-finish line on the downwind leg which resulted in them being disqualified.  At the end of the day Jeremy Kennedy and Heath Muscavitch were in first place with 7 points followed by three boats in a tie with 10 points. (Broise/Robin, McEvoy/Ko and White/White)  5 races were needed for a drop.

Sunday saw a short postponement onshore with concern about storms moving toward the area.  Eventually we got a race off in the lightest conditions of the weekend and the prospect for additional racing slight given time constraints. Kennedy needed only to finish three or better to clinch the title.  Unfortunately he had a fifth which resulted in a final placement of third.  McEvoy and Ko finished second and Broise and Robin are the 2015 US Champions.

Thanks to all the folks at the Pymatuning Sailing Club for their hospitality.

Full results are here

US NAtionals Podium 2015

L-R Jeremy Kennedy and Heath Muscavitch (third), Trystan Robin and Xavier Broise 2015 US Champions, Mike McEvoy and Ted Ko (second)

2015 Canadian Championship

The Canadian Championships were held over 3 days this weekend at Lake Newell. We had 3 boats each from BC, Edmonton and Calgary. Four of the teams were new pairings which added to their challenge.
Day one and two saw between. 2-4 knots of wind with temps in the mid 30’s with lots of beach time for swimming and relaxing.
Friday evening’s entertainment was a rollicking game of volleyball but post racing Saturday we were taking cover from a massive storm which soaked and flooded a number of tents. The wind from Saturday’s storm hung around for today’s racing and saw winds in the first race at 15-20 kts and gradually increase by race to 25-30 with some gusts up to 35kts. Rob and Wynne won the first race then Debbie and Gregg the 2nd.
Calgary Laser sailor Yeugen Dombrouskiy and crew Andrew Loeppky won the third. Everyone spent a little time in the water and some with multiple capsizes. Debbie and Gregg were most surprised when after righting their boat from a capsize at the leeward mark they looked up to see the same bright yellow mark now perfectly poised atop their mast.
This, of course, necessitated another capsize and swim to rectify the problem!!
The food and hospitality were as always second to none and we sincerely thank John Cormack and crew for a great event!

Full results are here

2015 Canadians 1st

2015 Canadian Champions Debbie Kirkby and Gregg Ferguson.

2015 Canadians 2nd

Second Place – Evelyn Chisholm and Mark Cummings

2015 Canadians 3rd

Third Place- Rob Thompson and Wynn Wright

2015 Canadians Classic Boat

Classic Boat Award – Eugene Dombrowski and Andrew Loeppky