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Worlds 2019 Survey

A Fireball Worlds is anticipated to be held in North America in 2019. The venue and exact date is in the process of being determined. In order to assist in planning for the event please take a few minutes and complete the survey at the link below:

Worlds Survey


Canadian AGM


The AGM of the Canadian Fireball Association will be held during the Nationals at Cowichan BC. Nominations are sought for the position of President. Please send your nominations to

A reminder that membership is required in CFA for both helm and crew to be eligible to compete in the Nationals

Rule Change Proposals

UKFA is proposing two rule changes to be voted upon at the upcoming Council meeting February 12.

The first is a proposal to allow dual spinnaker poles and can be found by following this link Twin poles proposal

The second is a proposal to allow both helm and crew to wear trapeze harnesses and can be found here Dual harnesses

Please read them and express your opinion to your local representative.  Their email addresses are here

Ontario Champions


For over 50 years Fireballers have competed for the Firebowl Trophies to commemorate their provincial championships.  The trophies were purchased in 1965 by the Canadian Fireball Association.

With the 51st Ontario Championship this weekend at the Barrie Yacht Club here’s the list of past Ontario Champions

Past Ontario Champions

2015 US Nationals

The US Nationals were hosted by the Pymatuning Sailing Club over the July 11/12 weekend.  The weather forecast was for high temperatures and light winds from the north.  The heat part was right but the winds were very light and variable.  Nonetheless the RC managed to get three races completed on Saturday.

Xavier Broise and Trystan Robin had created a huge hole for themselves by sailing through the start-finish line on the downwind leg which resulted in them being disqualified.  At the end of the day Jeremy Kennedy and Heath Muscavitch were in first place with 7 points followed by three boats in a tie with 10 points. (Broise/Robin, McEvoy/Ko and White/White)  5 races were needed for a drop.

Sunday saw a short postponement onshore with concern about storms moving toward the area.  Eventually we got a race off in the lightest conditions of the weekend and the prospect for additional racing slight given time constraints. Kennedy needed only to finish three or better to clinch the title.  Unfortunately he had a fifth which resulted in a final placement of third.  McEvoy and Ko finished second and Broise and Robin are the 2015 US Champions.

Thanks to all the folks at the Pymatuning Sailing Club for their hospitality.

Full results are here

US NAtionals Podium 2015

L-R Jeremy Kennedy and Heath Muscavitch (third), Trystan Robin and Xavier Broise 2015 US Champions, Mike McEvoy and Ted Ko (second)

2015 Canadian Championship

The Canadian Championships were held over 3 days this weekend at Lake Newell. We had 3 boats each from BC, Edmonton and Calgary. Four of the teams were new pairings which added to their challenge.
Day one and two saw between. 2-4 knots of wind with temps in the mid 30’s with lots of beach time for swimming and relaxing.
Friday evening’s entertainment was a rollicking game of volleyball but post racing Saturday we were taking cover from a massive storm which soaked and flooded a number of tents. The wind from Saturday’s storm hung around for today’s racing and saw winds in the first race at 15-20 kts and gradually increase by race to 25-30 with some gusts up to 35kts. Rob and Wynne won the first race then Debbie and Gregg the 2nd.
Calgary Laser sailor Yeugen Dombrouskiy and crew Andrew Loeppky won the third. Everyone spent a little time in the water and some with multiple capsizes. Debbie and Gregg were most surprised when after righting their boat from a capsize at the leeward mark they looked up to see the same bright yellow mark now perfectly poised atop their mast.
This, of course, necessitated another capsize and swim to rectify the problem!!
The food and hospitality were as always second to none and we sincerely thank John Cormack and crew for a great event!

Full results are here

2015 Canadians 1st

2015 Canadian Champions Debbie Kirkby and Gregg Ferguson.

2015 Canadians 2nd

Second Place – Evelyn Chisholm and Mark Cummings

2015 Canadians 3rd

Third Place- Rob Thompson and Wynn Wright

2015 Canadians Classic Boat

Classic Boat Award – Eugene Dombrowski and Andrew Loeppky




Fast, Fun, Friendly and Fifty Years at Davis Island YC

Weathermark logo 1

Weathermark Sailboats Is pleased to be the title sponsor for the 50th Midwinters and the Fireball North American Championship at Davis Island Yacht Club March 9 – 15, 2015.

The Fireball Class theme is Fast, Fun and Friendly. For 50 consecutive years the Class has been hosted by Davis Island Yacht Club, the “Sailingest Club in the South”. Lots of classes have been around longer, but few have enjoyed an unbroken string of regattas at one club for so long.

Mid logo

This year crews are expected from all over the North American continent as well as from Europe. The list of expected participants includes many Canadian and US National Champions, North American Champions and an Olympic Gold medalist. And because it’s a bit of a reunion many of the old timers in the class are expected to turn-up to help maintain the Fun and Friendly part of the class tradition.

The Fast part of the equation will be maintained as well, as the first Weathermark boat in North America takes on the Winders to showcase the state of the art technology. A newly built boat from the West Coast is expected as well as new and not so new home built woodies. There will be something for everyone.

Originally designed by Peter Milne in 1962, the Fireball is a one-design high-performance sailing dinghy. The Fireball is sailed by a crew of two, and sports a single trapeze, symmetric spinnaker and chined hull. The class is strictly controlled, but has adapted to advances in building techniques. The hulls (plywood, FRP or composite) have a strict minimum weight limit of 168 lb (76.4 kg) (with correctors).

The Fireball is a highly competitive dinghy, with large fleets worldwide and state, national, continental and world championships held annually. Competitors of all ages help make this class enjoyable for everyone. The performance of the boat is very dependent on tuning as the Fireball’s rig can be adjusted in numerous ways.

worlds 2015

The 2015 World Championship will be held August 17 to 28TH in conjunction with the European Championships in Pwllheli Wales. Charter boats are expected to be at a premium for the event. And there’s always that worry about what kind of condition the charter boat will be in. Weathermark has a solution. Order a new boat for delivery in the UK and put the cost of your charter towards the price of the boat! We’ll arrange to get the boat back to North America.

Contact Mike ( for details

Weight Change Approved

Here’s the full text of the amended Rule 9.6:

The following amendments to the Class Rules have been approved by the Class
Rules Sub-Committee to be effective 1 December 2014.
Rule 9.6
Amendment: Delete “79.4kg” and replace with “76.4kg” in the first sentence and
delete “7.5kg” and replace with “4.5kg” in paragraph 5 such that the rule now
reads as follows:
“The hull shall weigh not less than 76.4 kg. The initial weighing, or any subsequent re-weighing, of the hull shall be done (after painting and/or varnishing if necessary) with the boat complete with hatch covers and toe straps and all fittings permanently fastened, bolted or screwed to the hull, but not including the centreboard, wire or rope strops, sheets or control lines.
The initial weighing shall be done before the boat is launched for the first time.
Any re-weighing for the purpose of changing correctors shall be done after the
boat has been kept out of water, in a dry condition, with the hatch covers
removed, and cover off, for at least 12 days.
If a boat is found to be underweight at the time of measurement, correcting
weights shall be fitted to bring the boat up to minimum permitted weight. The
combined weight of the correctors shall not exceed 4.5 kg. The correctors shall
be bolted to the underside of the thwart in a visible position.
The total weight of the correctors shall be shown on the measurement certificate.
No correctors shall be removed or altered without the boat being re-weighed by
an official measurer.”

2014 BC Championship

We almost had 5 races over two days for the BC Fireball Championship at the RVYC Fall Dinghy Championships September 27th and 28th. A good fleet of 29er’s, Lasers, and Laser Radials competed on the outside course at the mouth of Cadboro Bay with nine Fireballs registered. Two boats from Portland, Greg Desilets with Debra Dietch and Paithen Larkins with Isaac Daily braved the Coho Ferry fares to race with us, and Liz Brennan and Neil Tichkowsky jetted in from Calgary to sail my spare boat. Shannon Gallins and Geof Huggett joined from CBSA, while Mark Cummings had to work the weekend so had Nicole and Evelyn sail Eeyore.

Last year’s winners Iain and Paul joined Jamie and Simon and Francis and me from RVYC.

The Cadboro Bay environment can be a bit challenging with tidal currents and light winds. BigWaveDave, the area windsurfer’s website, uses a wind prediction model from the University of Washington’s supercomputer to generate remarkably accurate local forecasts. On Saturday morning, the predicted northerly filled in , bringing a tongue of fog off the beach, with adequate visibility by the noon start time. After little variation in the wind for an hour, the first race was started about one o’clock in a moderate ebb. Courses were windward-leeward with a gate a few yards upwind of the starting area. Jamie and Simon entertained the fleet with a breakdown ahead of the start line, and being flagged over early. The port end of the line was favoured as it let the pin end starters get to the least current soonest. We had a quick start, and made it to the weather mark alone and sailed through to win. Jamie and Simon recovered to seventh, with Liz and Neil finishing on the wrong line and being scored DNC.

The northerly continued for another hour, which gave us a chance to retune Liz and Neil. Two one-inch adjustments got IMPS back to her usual speed and the PRO was Able to wait out the remainder of the northerly and set up a course out into Oak Bay with a light southeasterly. The start was exciting, with Jamie and Simon slamming a tack onto starboard and forcing us to tack on the port-favoured line. A close first hundred yards eventually allowed us to get over them despite a modest luff and we were able to get to the first mark ahead. There was a good supply of floating weed and we picked up a full sea monster kelp after the gate which caused some mirth in the nearby boats. We sailed the second lap with no further misadventure, and won with Jamie and Simon second and the retuned Liz and Neil third. Geoff and Jeff and Shannon and Eric were both fast, and Iain and Paul have spent enough time in Cadboro Bay to sail their classic shape with good speed and strategy. The remaining breeze tapered off while the postponement was flying, and we eventually took a tow back to the club.

Sunday morning was calm and we made our way out to the mouth of the bay to await our start. The northerly filled in and the committee started the club’s long distance race for keelboats out in the current in Oak Bay. We were given the first start in the sequence and had a good race to the weather mark with Shannon and Jamie arriving first. We rounded the wrong gate and set out for the new weather mark as the wind shifted easterly. As we converged on Jamie, the race was abandoned with our fleet a few boat lengths from a possible shortened course.

The marks were repositioned after a while, with a southeasterly breeze and the current turning to a flood. Shannon and Eric got the jump and were leading down to the end of the finishing leg when they were lanced by a starboard tack 29er. Jamie and Simon broke through to finish first while we slipped into second while the 720 was done.

Another race started after the other fleets finished with a good up and down for all. At the gate I tried for the left hand gate and almost didn’t make it as the current set down and the wind eased. Shannon and Eric flew out of the right hand gate and were well ahead but in a line of Lasers. The wind lightened and shifted at the top of the leg, and it wasn’t apparent which side would get that last puff and shift to round first, but it didn’t matter as the race was abandoned again.

We packed the boats up, and managed to get the visitors to planes and ferries on time. There was good close racing through the fleet and good starts were essential. Shannon and Eric in her DeLange boat are very fast in light conditions and downwind. Jamie and Simon’s Winder remains fast and competitive, especially when not filling with seawater. Geoff Huggett is competitive in his widebow woodie, and the rest of the boats all had good speed.

We are going to have to plan around this event for the next season and try to ensure racing that allows us to amortise our ferry fares. Greg Desilets is moving to the Okanagan and will inquire at SOSA, where we have had many enjoyable events, and Liz Brennan has a family cottage on Columbia Lake which could make a good place to race with the Alberta fleet.

Robert Thompson