Weathermark Sailboats are coming to North America

Weathermark logo 1Weathermark Sailboats is happy to announce the appointment of Mike McEvoy as agent for the North American market. Mike has over 40 years experience in Fireball as well as many years as a race coach in Canada.
A perennial problem for potential Fireball purchasers in Canada and the USA has been the availability of boats without a long waiting period and in the face of high shipping costs. With regular shipments to the East Coast due to our partnership with Rondar Raceboats , we can supply boats, spars, and sails for the North American market with very reasonable shipping rates Pricing can be obtained by contacting Mike at The first Weathermark boat in North America is expected this July and will soon be seen on the regatta circuit.

The principal at Weathermark is Dave Hall. As an old hand in the Fireball, Dave has put his years of experience and thoughts into the construction of the hull, deck and internal design. The hull is the current “wide bow” thinking but has a slightly more vee’d entry and is not as bulbous as the other current boats available. This makes the boat kinder through the water upwind. The water line length is also maximised and the aft rocker is as flat as the rules permit.

weathermark boatweathermark jib bar

Inside, the forward part of the centreboard case is a low as practical to save those shins. The substantial jib bars go from the front of the case to the side tanks in line with the shrouds forming a rigid frame and fairing into an extra bulkhead

.weathermark cockpitweathermark cockpit 2
The centre board case rises after the thwart onto a flat table to allow owners a free hand in the way they like their controls. The deck has been made functional and aesthetically pleasing. The aft tank has the recess for the spinnaker sheets and the coaming is designed for function and comfort without looking too imposing. The foredeck comes back further than other builders but just far enough to add extra strength and rigidity to the mast area without fouling the vang.

Both hull and deck moulds have been made to the highest standards to keep the design shape and enable them to be used in conjunction with a vacuum bag system and to go in an oven for post curing.

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You can contact Mike for the latest updates and prices: 613-796-2122